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Please be respectful of my Intellectual Property

The downloadable content on this website is strictly for personal and educational use.  I share my files to engage in the design community and so others can use and learn from them. Please do not use for commercial purposes or plagiarize my intellectual property.  Thank you.


Artificial Intelligence: Human and Digital Intelligence in Design

Honors thesis written in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Lewis Honors College of the University of Kentucky, with colleague Lainey Barschak, under the advisement of Associate Professor Gary Rohrbacher of the UK College of Design.  


Within our document we seek to educate about the potentials of AI by offering up a series of deep dives and experiments in conjunction with diagrams, analogies, and technical descriptions of what AI is in design, in hopes of making our findings accessible. The tools we utilized to conduct this experimentation are the Autodesk products: Dynamo for Revit and Generative design workspace in Fusion 360. The goal of this project was not to design a building but to explore the potential of the tools and document what we discovered .While we are both versed in both softwares, I am primarily responsible for the Dynamo and Python investigation through Revit while Lainey focused on Fusion 360. The processes were collaborative in every sense of the word. The text, diagrams and ideas are to be considered co-authored.

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